yougood lo keys & friends thing 


Who remembers Phonics lessons in year 1? Remember how they taught us that starting a sentence with the word ‘so’ is something that should always be avoided!? It’s a conjunction in the English language which explains that part.. But there’s apparently no historical or grammatical foundation which confirms this to be wrong.


I’m doing alright with this regular posting ocne again dont you think? haha. Still always thinking of stuff to write about (have 4 draft posts going atm lol). Also just finished my Deliveroo induction (December lol) and ready to actually start doing shifts. It is January (February lol) though, which means things are pretty quiet for them after the christmas binge… I’m not complaining though, I’m doing about 8 hours of overtime at Clearsky (January lol) and I’m due a trip to South Africa for the whole of February (Actually February) so work and trying to get organised is proving to be a real ball ache right now… But anyway, looks like I’ll get to hang with my buddies Jacob SmithBen Ramshaw and the rest of the Velo Domestique crew a lot more from Spring onwards. Back in September I had a chat with Jacob though about not having enough time to do everything we’d like but I’ve since been practicing mindfulness (lol) in an attempt to imporve my terrible time management. I dont think it’ll be that hard if you’re extremely disciplned and organised – though if you were, when would you find the time to have naps and watch endless amounts of netflix? If you read my posts I’m sure you’ll see my crux… I even bought this book from Urban Outfitters in November 2015 but alas I’m still rubbish!

I did start this post with a meaning though lol

I am finding myself being drawn more and more towards the medium of art and the requirement to make a living from it. Pretty certain that I’m at the point of considering hanging up my boots (gloves? spectacles?) as a Tax Advisor/Accountant and going to work with my buddies doing Deliveroo, Bar work, etc as a full time thing. Ever since I had the idea for this blog back in 2012, I always found that maybe my chosen life path wasnt all I thought it out to be – I mean who actually knows what they want to do when they’re 16 really? No, I wasnt 16 in 2012, but it was at that age that i decided to go down the route that I have. I’ve only recently thought about this though when I met this guy who was adamant that he’d be earning £40,000 a year 2 or 3 years after he had left uni… lol… Hmmm!

I think about that Chris Brown meme every time I hear that story… Oh the ambition… oh his young innocent mind.

Don’t get me wrong, I admire it all.. but there are certain things in life that take us by surprise as we get older. It’s all part of growing older and wiser though AMIRITE? Learning that your gas bill will be £100 instead of £30 this month because they do meter readings
quarterly and you’re not actually paying enough is priceless – it’s exactly at that moment that you know you’re fucked and you’ll be living on mung beans and love for the rest of the month lol. I guess there’s nothing you can do about that really, unless you’re fortunate (or that disiplined/organised) enough to have some spare cash either from a family member or savings. But that’s the beautiful thing really, how boring would life really be if we all had our shit figured out as soon as we left school?!

Plus I like the fact that I know of 40+ year old’s who are still fucking up on the daily. Makes me feel better about my situation personally, and reminds me often that we’re all human.

Why did I start this post again? lol

Oh yeah, did I mention that I’ve tried my hand at the whole DJ thing? Or currently trying.

It was March 2015 when my side chick, Michael Davies, and I was hanging out at Big Tony’s place in Westbourne and I saw a pair of Technic’s 1210’s sat on the table in the main hallway… I was like “woof these are goat” and when Mike told me that he was into House music I laughed at first lol… I’d only heard it a million times over the 8 years I’ve been living here. But he actually knew his shit, or he knew the music the way that I knew it anyway.

After a few sessions we decided to start a facebook page and nearly two years later we’re playing regular gigs and have our own radio show as the lokey collective, who are a bunch of DJ’s/artists all based in the south of England – and even a few honorary members out in South Africa.

lokey collective is very January 2017 though – like pretty much brand new, sealed, fresh out the box kind of new. We started out making monthly YouTube video’s under our yougoodthing dj moniker and next thing you know we’re playing on radio, in bars and cafe’s, and even a couple of small local fesivals. It’s definitely been a great journey so far though, and scary how quick things progress and change – we even have good friends based in Birmingham who are doing the same thing, though way more established than we are.

I have no idea what’ll be happening by the time I post this, though head over to the page for updates on how that’s going – I’ll do my best to keep you cyclists (I think you guys reading this are cyclists?) informed.

I find I’m at a stage in my life where I really needed to take this opportunity while I have the chance. It makes sense for me given how things gone and the stuff I’ve learnt but I really wouldn’t have it any other way (going back to the whole life lessons thing I touched on before).

Grateful for every moment, for sure.
There’s some good things happening in Bournemouth right now, and the aim for our collective is really to just bring everyone together for the enjoyment of not only music, but any art form you can think of – photography, illustration, bicycles (yes I consider that an art form) etc.

I hope even one of you reading this enjoys the journey even if it’s half as much as I have.

Next time.