Remember, remember, 24rd of September… 2016

by fietscyclery

Happy new Yer

So everyone been bashing how 2016 was so wild and a rubbish year, my close friends in particular.

Yes, it was sad when they shot the poor gorilla – he was only trying to protect the little boy right? And yes brexit meant that I had to fork out an extra £200 when I went to purchase an iMac and now that dude with the blonde tupee might just fuck shit up entirely…

But I think 2016 was great – in fact, without sounding too sentimental or weird, it’s been one of the most important years for me. Towards the end of 2015 I ended up canoodling with Diane. It was something I always wanted to happen after we split at the end of summer 2014 and tbh I hadnt really moved on with my life. So when she started texting me again I was pretty over the moon tbh. Now I dont want to sound like a stuck record and end up writing about her or my life around that time too much, but I’d be foolish to pretend that she wasnt a big part of my life – having someone around for nearly 7 years isnt anything to sweep under a rug or something to dismiss so easily.

Anyway, so after 7 months we admitted that we’re really clutching at straws here and actually holding each other back. So in April 2016 we seperated once again, and to be honest this time the closure was somewhat of a relief. A bit like finishing a really good book, it was nice to bring an end to that part of my life knowing that we tried as best as we could.

It then transpired that at 26 I wasnt at all ready to settle down and get married, like quite a few of my friends are these days. In fact, I actually feel younger than I ever have, in a weird midlife crisis kind of way lol. The downfall of that is that I’m out partying with students and having to tell girls that I’m two or three years younger than I am… I mean I’m not ashamed, I just can’t be bothered to explain that I’ve been there, done that, learnt how to live on my own and cook my own meals. Compared to most new people I meet I like to think I have my shit together – or together enough anyway. It’s pretty hard convincing yourself you have your shit together when you’re driving up to Birmingham Friday night, get fucked up till 6am, drive (read: be driven) back to Bournemouth and then sleeping till late afternoon while ordering something from Deliveroo!

Sounds like the life right?….. Haha, it is!

But back to my point, I’ve done a shit load of partying in Birmingham this past year. Been reintroduced to the strange world of narcotics, started a decent vinyl collection, travelled to Barcelona and Amsterdam. And let’s not mention tinder lol…

These days it’s quite easy to get brought down by things going on around in the world. I mean it’s fooolish to be completely ignorant towards current affairs, but at the same time it’s so so much better if you don’t visit the bbc’s website, or take everything you read on Facebook as gospel. Out of site, out of mind i guess..

Surround  yourself instead with dank memes of Turkish men sprinkling salt on anything he can find, or great music instead. The world filled with corporate greed and aristocracy will still be there when you get back.

Now enough preaching, all the pics I’ve selected for this post was taken on one particular weekend. It pretty much sums up my 2016 really…. friends, vinyl, drugs, music, and a bunch of exploring.

Now I’ve pretty much written about all the above topics that made this weekend so fun, but there’s one I really want to touch on which I’ve never really thought I would three or two years ago.

It’s always been quite a taboo subject, but after the whole #savefabric thing with two lads dying in the nightclub, and after having spent some time in Amsterdam, I really think that our mindset towards drugs need to change. Especially in the media, and general public. Yes, not all people do drugs and the general concensus is that they fuck you up more than they do good, but I really think it’s irresponsible and so thoughtless to even consider closing an establishment due to the actions of those two boys.

Yes I’m about three months late and Fabric has reopened, though one thing I’m not sure has changed is the education that is given towards drugs. Over in Amsterdam, in the toilets there are posters on the walls in nightclubs that advise on what to do should you have taken certain drugs and the ones to avoid. They even advise that you shouldnt drink too much water if you’re on pills as your water retention is crazy high due to the increase in body heat etc etc… Does Talk To Frank tell you that? That’s a genuine question as I’ve never wondered over that side of the internet yet.

Though if you’re as interested in this side of life then I’d recommend you check the documentary on Netflix about DMT, which is a hallucinogenic chemical realased by the pineal gland, with links to spirituality and the universe bla bla bla mung beans and love – you get the idea…Of course that’s the super deep side of things and prolably way more than you’d need on a decent night out. I mean, Mike and myself managed 5 nights out in a row in Amsterdam just smoking hash..

That’s another strange thing about living in a less liberal culture… We all know that Amsterdam is famous for their hookers and cafe’s with full menus that gives exact details of what you’re buying and how it’s going to make you feel. Though back here I’m asking my friends to just “grab me a ten bag”… I ave no idea if i’m going to be hungry, happy, sleepy…. so you get what you’re given basically! Unless of course maybe the London guys are a bit more savvy to these things but idk.

Like everything though, take alcohol for example, I really believe that everything in moderation is great. For example, try a bit of weed when you’re fucked up on juice and you’re probably going to have a terrible time trying not to die lol.. Even try a very strong joint on your first few times and you’ll find yourself in your bedroom tripping balls and searching for “calming video” on yourtube… not that that’s directed at anybody in particular 😉

These things take time though, just like the first few time you tried alcohol and probably ended up being really disgustingly sick everywhere at the age of 14. It’s definitely having an open mind towards this though – dont just disregard it based on hearsay!

Going back to this goat weekend though, sorted visa details for that infamous Amsterdam trip, spent a good amount of money on vinyl records, had a few beers and great food with my brother Richard and then had one of the most incredible party’s till 5am the next day with my other brother Michael, with a nice joint to see us home while Matt drove.

As for the tinder thing? That’s probably a post for another time lol…

Stay safe out there shroom takers.