kaaaaaaandries goes hiphop!

by fietscyclery

Hey guys les do a bike related post…

As I’m sure you will have guessed by now, but this blog is kind of more general lifestyle based now, as opposed to being mainly about bicycles. But as I go further into this journey, I’m hoping that I can restore that balance a bit… Anyway, the last bikes you guys really know about is the roadies that I’ve been donning for the past 3 or so years.. What you didn’t know is that in between those times there have been jaunts with fixes, two in fact.

Around Halloween 2014 I was really bummed about my break up that I really had to put my mind and attention towards other stuff, as a form of therapy or distraction if you want to think of it that way. If I hadn’t I probably would have driven myself crazy rethinking how things could have been done differently – you know the way you think of things to say in an argument once the argument is over? And start kicking yourself cus thay come back you just thought of was way better than the one you used? lol..

But back to bikes, turns out I remembered I had this steel frame which I bought late spring that year.

Graham pls was the build of winter 2014, and thinking back now it was a great time despite what I’ve described above. Yes it was rubbish experiencing a break up for the first time, but I think that focussing your mind on a project was a better way of dealing with depression than the help that is made available these days. I’m not knocking what is on offer out there, but people cope with things differently and it can probably be put down to the fact that I’m super stubborn. I feel way more accomplished having dealt with that phase of my life in my own way, but at the same time I can see that it’ll probably land me in a whole heap of trouble if help is not asked for. On a related note, I’m actually experiencing something similar right now, but I’ll write more on that once i’ve worked things out or burnt myself out from overworking and stress šŸ™‚ Perhaps even give the Steps to Wellbeing a try..

Where was I?

The bike ended up looking like this;

It was a real interesting project for me as I bought it on a whim after seeing the Graham Weigh name thrown around on lfgss a fair few times. There was no real information on the frame but when it arrived I could tell it was a really good’n by how light the damn thing was and the zing the frame made every time I pinged it with me figner!

All the other parts for the build I pretty much already had left over from my fling with the Langster. Actually, I lie… I only used the wheels from the Langster really, but what I mean is I bought some parts to be used when I had the Langster. Things like, Brooks B17 saddle, Windsor Nutter tool to strap onto the Brooke’s, Alpine seatpost, bargain handel bar and stem combo from Amsterdam and that was pretty much it – here are the specs



The bike itself was great to ride around on, though I’ve an ongoing thing with buying bikes that are far larger for me than they need to be. that lasted me until February when this happened;

And this is really where my slavery affair started. You can read about the whole unfinished thread here.

The Langster and Graham was really just my intro into how things should really be done and to date this luminous pink thing has been my favourite and easily the best bike I’ve had. It was a brief fling though, which carried my through the summer of 2015 and well into the autumn when my time in slavery was banished by a recovery vehicle, leaving me with a big gash in my head… …

The bike itself was great and the most fun part was really collating the parts and just the general journey it took me to get to its final stage as seen in this pic below.

Why was it my favourite?

Having spent a decent amount of time on lfgss, it became clear that just like any other hobby in the world (blog writing included I hope?), you get better as you go along.. I mean look at the very first bike I put together in 2011.. look at it hahaĀ – hideous thing!

Yves Lagalisse wasn’t a planned project. After Graham I tried out a few road bicycles, going back to me thinking that road bikes were great for winter training. I was wrong, and TBH I really missed riding fixed every day though – my commute at the time was roughly a 20 mile round trip. lol, I remember one particular ride we did (on topic of the road bikes)… it was me, Jacob, Daniel Mateus and Ben Ramshaw. I had just bought what I thought was a Concorde Aquila but it turns out it was just some fraudulent knock off that I bought from someone I know… I’ve never bought from this someone I know ever again! Anyway, that ride lol, we were only about 15 miles in and going up that hill from Ashley Cross towards Upper Parkstone and I was dead. Like properly dead. I was like wtf is happening, why do I feel drunk?! Haha the three dudes on the ride are now part of the KYCUVelo cycling team and guess who isn’t on said cycling team?! Pfff… I did remember later that night while walking drunkenly through Aldi that I had only had fish and kale for lunch earlier that day and was probably lacking in energy.. that’s what I told myself anyway!

Anyway, after the saga with the fraudulent Concorde, see link to build thread here, I called it a day… for now!

Back on topic though, I took a trip up to BethnalĀ Green to pick up the frame from a guy called Patrick who was riding a super nice Cannondale Track bicycle, in like a deep oak green colour. It was the weekend of valentines and I thought what better way to start a new love affair?! Only Ā£160 as well… That same weekend I also bought an iPad Mini, so I was feeling proper pampered and loved lol.

The history of the frame is unknown, with links to French heritage but not a lot else can be found on the web. All I know is that it was custom made for a French cyclist named Yves Lagalisse, who I think turned into one of those guys who rides the motorcycle in front of the pack round the velodrome!

Because it was my first proper steel track frame, I was dead set on the components being nothing but approving of the infamous Hip Hop Slave Bikes / Hipster Sleds thread. I mean realistically it was nowhere near worthy of that thread, even reading page 2201 as I type this, but to me it had the basics and was good enough for my own hip hopĀ needs. The spec was as follows;

The fling came to an abrupt end though on the eve of 12 December 2016 when a recovery lorry turned into my path, leaving me with no option but to hit it head first at approx 25mph – no helmet either… I consider myself very lucky andĀ now cycle everywhere with a helmet on my head – that same one we used https://flic.kr/p/QRiijnĀ to stick the relay stickers to when racing at the Pier to Pier Relay. Currently, I’veĀ taken to stealing my partner in crimes Cinelli Gazetta, which was initially owned by Cardboard Coffee Gorge. lol, he hates me for it but I start Deliveroo in a few weeks, so I best get bribing him either with marijuana or perhaps even offer to cook for him to allow it to continue, until I find a suitable replacement of course…

But really I’m just waiting for the court case with said lorry driver to be finalised so I can receive the compensation for the replacement of Yves.

Perhaps that’ll be the time I go that next step further and build something actually worthy of donning the pages of the lfgss chat page.

Until then…