Diary of a Taxi Driver

by fietscyclery




I meant, diary of a Tax Advisor.

The taxi driver thing is a little running joke I had with an ex-colleague, Ellen – I can’t remember how it came about now really, probably on a drunken debauchery we had together one time. Dont worry though, I wont bore you with what Tax Code you should be on if you have five different employments or Capital Gains Tax computations for selling your second property – do you even have a second property? Hit me up if you do..

Anyway, I’ve practiced in the world of Tax for 5 whole years now, FIVE. And for some reason I still cant seem to get the hang of maintaining the work life balance that would be perfect for me, or what I think would be the prefect balance. This is;

  • Cycle to work for 7am or just get up early in general
  • Gym at least twice a week
  • Eat healthy
  • Maintaining a decent social circle
  • Get enough sleep
  • Watch enough netflix or at least a few hours of “me time”

Now I’ll explain why all of the above is hard and this is where I guess work/life balance comes into play, or even just general time management. I’ve got tons of admiration or people who are high achievers (on the face of things anyway), are in peak physical condition, are genuinely down to earth (or not a considered a dickhead at he very least), and make all of the above look effortless. I can only really think of one person who fits this description, his name is William Cook lol… look him up – the man’s in great shape!


But real talk, that’s what we all work towards right?

I can only think of a handful of people I know personally who seem to have this down, but if you need more extreme examples then take our boy Harvey Specter from the TV series, Suits… Good looking gentleman, raking it in for a top law firm, socially superior and also does really well with the ladies! I mean if he’s not on your man crush list then I don’t know.

My point though, is that doing all of the above is relatively easy if it’s only for a week or so. But maintaining all of that over the period of months or years is nearly impossible, or for me it is anyway.

I am a fucking cluts though lol… My brain is always all over the place, thinking of the next thing to do – be it a hobby, creative idea, social event etc etc. My mind keeps churning out these things so much  that I tend to forget half the damn stuff I need to be doing in order for what I’m doing at that very moment to actually work. Which means in the end I taking twice as long to do anything… am I making sense? For example, record a radio show and edit everything in Logic, transfer to USB for upload the next day at work. Now that sounds relatively simple as you can easily do that on your iMac at home, so where’s the problem? Get to work the next day, what did I forget to bring? My USB and a pair of socks… Now not only can I not upload the damn radio show, but I now also have to keep walking round the office to a minimum because I look fucking silly. Lose lose.

I guess that’s just how my brain is wired, and we all have our weakenesses I guess?

Going back to the whole Taxi Driver thing, I’m at a stage where I think it’s time to move on from the corporate world. It doesn’t seem to fill me with the life satisfaction that I need right now, though I’m finally at a stage where the money is great. Being able to afford your bills, still have money left over to go on holiday, gigs, get fucked up and still have some money spare at the end of the month for that extra record or bicycle part is actually really really nice and I’m really grateful for all of it. I guess what I’m battling with right now, and the whole point of this initial Tax post, is deciding whether being able to live comfortably and afford lots of things I wasnt in the positing to afford five years ago is worth the sacrifice in life fulfilment. It’s a definite catch 22 though, I go to work in order to afford all these nice things that make me happy, and without work I’d probably not be able to do live as frivolously (lol) as I do.

Am I turning into a hippy? Can I live only on mung beans and love? Idk, I got back from Amsterdam recently and I’m feeling very philosophical, so please just bear with my ramblings 🙂

It’s most definitely not just me though – tons of people I know say that the work life balance these days is such a ball ache, compared to what we’d ideally like it to be. Idk if that’s to do with all the technology and social media we have available to us which has a knock on effect causing the pace of life to increase by the amount it has, but compared to what though? How do you address something like that without sounding old and grumpy as fuck? Or like someone who smokes a shit load of marijuana? – Idris Elba said in some promotional video that as adults we have somehow lost our ability to dream. He even asked a gentleman, who must have been in his 60’s, what he’d like to be when he grew up… It’s a very nice sentiment and moving video/campaign, but of course that doesn’t mean you need to be fucking irresponsible. Not all of us were born into a situation where that decision is easy for us to make… Perhaps that video is only aimed at the people who perhaps do have the resource but not the courage and belief in themselves to carry out those dreams. Life’s taken over, you have 3 kids and there’s just not enough time in the day to do everything that needs to be done. That’s of course a completely different take on the whole time management thing – I don’t have those responsibilities like kids or pets, so why am I moaning? I guess it’s all relevant to your situation and (that knock on effect of social media I mentioned) makes me want to ride all the track bikes in the world by day while DJ’ing alongside Motor City Drum Ensemble till 5am…  I fucking wish!

I’ve posted that video I mentioned below actually… I think it’s really worth a watch if you’re struggling for motivation.

Anyway, what I do next is up in the air right now. I do feel like I’ve neglected this blog and my initial idea behind the whole Fiets Cyclery thing. I promise though that I will try to post more regularly 🙂

In future I might even provide some general tax advice articles – it’s not as boring as you think I promise 😛 but first I need to find out if I’ll be sacked if I did offer advice outside the firm I work for.

Here’s to working on that perfect work/life balance!