Death before Dérailleur!


In my initial post I told you about my first few years with gears, and how I learnt that vintage road bikes are magical summertime machines not to be messed with…

Well two years have passed since then and I won’t lie I did buy and sell at least 3 roadies in that time.. In fact thinking about it, I actually went through 8… Tehe!

Despite that though, I’m 26 now and I’ve come to the conclusion that I no longer enjoy geared bikes…
Whilst I wrote at the time that I enjoy them for training and spinning etc and ease of option (I didn’t actually say all those things by I was thinking them at the time lol), you just can’t beat the feeling of riding a fix geared bicycle… You just can’t!

Not only do they look tons cooler if done correctly, but the way the bike communicates with your every movement is just priceless… Without sounding like a fucking hipster cunt, but it’s true!

Anyway, that’s not the point of this post… What have I been through? Well, I’ll post all the bikes, what they were, the timeline they fell within, and also because I enjoy music I’ll post the soundtrack that reminds me of the time I had them… Enjoy;

Dawes Impulse 531

lol, so those of you who know me will be very familiar with this statement… but I really shouldnt have sold this bike.

Fixed gear bikes aside, this was easily the best fitting bike I had and so so so very smooth. Why did I sell?

Well I bought it in August 2014, the month I also split from my now ex girlfriend.

After that I had to move house, to a smaller place, where I no longer had the luxury of the n+1 rule. I got rid of this, a Roberts frame I had plans for, and many other parts which caused me a real big sad, more sad than I was already in. In fact, I had a pretty shitty attitude at the time (which explains alot) where I was so obsessed with money making lol and there were times I was so hell bent on just buying a load of bike stuff just to pawn off for a profit. I had a real deep hate for the world to be honest, thinking nothing was fair etc etc.

Whilst it’s nice to find a hobby that’s self-sustaining, I started doing it for the wrong reasons. I guess, like I’ve said in my most recent post, I’m a bit older and wiser now (insert old man emoji) and sooon realised that it’s not enjoyable to exploit others for the sake of something that’s not really worth the effort i.e. selling “vintage” bikes and parts for really not much profit. I allowed my anger to taint one of the things I love the most… Besides, I’m sure whatever trade you’re in you can always relate to this as there’s always one douchebag doing something similar.

Anyway, I digress.

I sold this bike to a guy on lfgss (Pablo, or Paulo perhaps?) and even got in contact with him in 2015 to ask whether his cousin, who came from Italy, was still using it. I never ended up getting it back, the all too familiar feeling I had when I sold the Langster.

Although upon further reflection, and where I am right now, its probably a good thing I sold it. I wouldn’t be where I am if I didnt AMIRITE??!

Moving on…

Dawes Imperial 531c

No such connection with this one. Boguht from a chap in Poole, also in August 2014. I remember it was during a week off and I cycled it back to Southbourne and even stopped by the office with some donuts and muffins for my colleagues.. Arent I nice?!

I wont lie, this is a bike I bought purely because it was hella cheap on ebay, having 531c tubing and the absolute deal maker? A mint pair of Campagnolo Atlanta 96 wheelset!

I actually still have the wheels today and the best thing (or worst) is that after I sold the frame, the wheels were technically free!

Now I know that’s not exactly 8 bikes, but how else am I gonna fill this blog (where I post on average once every two months) with content if I give it to you all in one hit?

Besides, you prolly havent even bothered reading this far.

Why have I chosen the above song? Well it’s what I was listening to pretty much every day until mid-September 2014. Plus music is like a timeline, so everytime I listen to the track above it just takes me to that place… So i dont listen to it anymore lol.

But yeah I’m pretty much done with Road bikes I think. I’m itching for another fixed bike after crashing my pink whip in December just gone… Cardboard George cant ride fixies anymore though, so i’ll enjoy fixed riding until I turn into an OAP like him.

His knees are fucked.

Laters. x