Secondment / Hiatus




So what do you write about more than a year after your last post? A lot can, and has, happened since my last post and tbh I could dedicate a whole blog itself to the just that. And, as I’m sure you’ve guessed, I just dont have the fucking time anymore.

I’m 25 now and times, and my outlook on things, have changed.

Even reading back on this blog i kind of cringe a little. I’m no longer 22 where the idea of a written blog and a tumblr account was all the hype. I’m a bit tired of taking arty pictures and uploading 2 a day to my Instagram account – whilst it’s nice to have that landmark 11 likes on a photo every now and again, it kind of becomes a bit draining and the novelty wears off.

Going back to cringing, that Facebook Memories thing does a great job of that too. Everyday you’re reminded of how immature and silly you were back in 2009. Although I must say I do crack myself up when the meme’s I shared in 2013 are still in circulation today. I kind of feel that meme hipster ego boost, much like the Instagram 11 like boost – especially if more than 4 of my friends liked it!

Continuing with the ego boost theme, the second most important thing I’ve done over the past year, is to become a superstar DJ with my one and only Michael x Davies.

We started out roughly in April 2015 pissing about on Big T’s Technics 1210’s and a Serato box once we found out we were both deep into the vibe of House (I’ll probably cringe at that when I read this in 2018 – in face, I’m cringing right now!!! lols)

I wont bother begging you with all the nitty gritty and selling you our mixtape but it is something that I’ve always wanted to do, having grown up and being surrounded by that scene in South Africa. Here’s a link for those who also enjoy repetitive electronic music….

Anyway, going back to cringing about past blog posts and stuff, I think it’s prolly just all a part of growing up. Outlooks change, plans change and you tend to just drift away from daily activities you consider normal and people you use to see everyday – just finding a different path in life I guess. It’s all good though, as long as you keep moving forward 🙂

Cyling related, I built a fluorescent pink track bike which was made in France atleast 20 years ago. It was the best but I also crashed it and I’m now sat here with a 10 inch scar across my head as I type this…

More on that in 2017…