Velo Summer! 1/2


So it’s nearly over then, Summer!

Weird cus usually it only lasts about a week here in England, around Easter irrc, but the last two years have actually been pretty decent. I even got back some of my Africa tan! lol, actually funny I mention that cus I did a charity ride earlier in June, around 100 miles through the Purbecks and it was so hot I decided to take off my jersey and ride only in my bib shorts. I actually still have a tan line which makes it look like I’ve been donning a Borat mankini all year.


But yeah it’s been really good and all, main highlight being the monthly Velo Sur Mer (summer, get it? haha) alleycat races! Stretch Armstrong (or Dan) has been super awesome at organising these things on top of graduating from Uni so massive thanks to him (and all those involved) for taking the time to arrange us all to get together, race some bikes, and have a good laugh/beers (or a Jimmy’s Iced Coffee) at the same time.

Slump has continued and we’ve still not been doing many group free roams as regularly as we used to back between Jan and April. Probably cus I dont have a fixie anymore and I’m usually the one who arranges them, not to be big headed or anything eh ;). Ha, no but yeah I think we’re all just having a bit of a lul at the moment being active doing other things. I know Alius has been kite surfing quite a bit, George has been lazy and grown his hair a bit more and Mikey’s been sticker bombing his shitty VW Lupo and fighting with his crazy ex (or maybe not ex) girlfriend. I’m sure when the depression of the winter months come though that’ll we’ll probably head out a bit more for some winter laps – they’re always good fun.

What have I been doing personally then? Well, good question.

Find out in the next instalment of Dragon Ba… Oh wait, wrong TV programme… Fuck!