Teaching Cancer To Cry

by fietscyclery


Why did I start this post with a video?

Well today, 27 May 2014, I found out that one of the main people to inspire me to write this very blog and do what I do, has passed away! It would therefore be rude not to share this with you guys seeing as I probably wouldnt even be writing this had it not been for his blog which I stumbled across one summer evening in 2012.

His work is so so so inspirational..

Everything from bike’s built, photography, and even the witty cooking video’s. If the work I do is even inspire’s one person the way I have been by his then I’ll be very satisfied!

Sadly Ezra lost his battle with Ass Cancer (as he dubbed it – I’m not being disrespectful) after a very long time. I would highly recomend if you’re a regular reader to have a look at his work, even briefly.

The world lost a true artisan.

RIP Ezra Caldwell.