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by Kyle Andries

Month: June, 2014

Bike Portraiture


Had an idea to take photographs of the guys I ride with regularly and their bikes.

One of the reasons I love cycling is that, like people, each bike is as different as the individual that’s riding them. Even off-the-peg ones like my Lengster. The thing was stolen but because I made those subtle changes like 46t Stronglight chainring, 17t Surly cog and pink bar ends (only God can judge me!!) etc etc, I was able to identify it when the police called me up to say they had found it…

Take my mate ‘Mikey 2 Pints’ for example, if his bike is ever stolen, there’s no way he wont be able to identify that thing. Who else has a silver Charge Plague (lol) with a seat tube that’s been cut and welded back in place? Nobody!

My point is that your bike ultimately becomes an extension of you!

So this is where the bike portrait will come in. It’ll be a few snaps of you and your bike in hopefully a location that matches your personality and bike. Taking the snaps will be the easy part, I think. The hard part will be matching the photo set so it’s fitting with the person, their bike and their riding style. I was even thinking that after, I could print some and give to you all as a present, that’d be cool. Kinda sentimental lol.

I’ve kind of done one already, of Justin. The funny thing is that it wasn’t his bike that he was riding that day. In fact, I’m pretty sure he said he hated riding it and that he would never buy a lopro haha. He rides a Leader 735 now and I’m sure we can always reschedule for another time. However to give you an idea, it’s located at the very top.

I’ll post the pics on my tumblr, as I use this mainly as a portfolio (lol) for photography work and ultimately see this ‘bike portraiture’ as a photography project! I’ll try and tag them so it’s unique to this project! You know, something a bit different from #fixiegirls #fixiefolyf etc etc. That way if you follow the link to tumblr you only find portraits that I’ve taken.

The idea (I’ve got more idea’s than time to actually implement ANY of them) stemmed from a couple of guy’s I follow on the net. One of them from Bristol, aptly named his project as “Bristol By Cyclist” which like I mentioned above, is a series of snaps of individuals and their steeds. I’m pretty sure his is on a bigger scale than I would wish to take on, but it’s so cool nonetheless! The other is a guy from the States that shoots regularly for companies such as Chrome Industries & State Bicycle Co. (I think).. He goes by the name Matt Lingo! Both of their work are awesome and I would highly recommend you check it out!

Below are just some I’ve messed around with, more abstract but hey perhaps that’s the direction we can take this project. But we’ll see.. and fingers crossed I’ll contact you (those of you I know) soon!




Teaching Cancer To Cry


Why did I start this post with a video?

Well today, 27 May 2014, I found out that one of the main people to inspire me to write this very blog and do what I do, has passed away! It would therefore be rude not to share this with you guys seeing as I probably wouldnt even be writing this had it not been for his blog which I stumbled across one summer evening in 2012.

His work is so so so inspirational..

Everything from bike’s built, photography, and even the witty cooking video’s. If the work I do is even inspire’s one person the way I have been by his then I’ll be very satisfied!

Sadly Ezra lost his battle with Ass Cancer (as he dubbed it – I’m not being disrespectful) after a very long time. I would highly recomend if you’re a regular reader to have a look at his work, even briefly.

The world lost a true artisan.

RIP Ezra Caldwell.