“Bike Friends” Volume 2

by fietscyclery


Not much has happened round here… Well I say not much but actually quite a lot of little things have happened. Although nothing along the scales of…

“I’m cycling to Paris M8”

The guys have come back from their trip though – which was pretty successful bar Loz’s broken knee and Mikey’s imploded rear hub, both issues happening on the return leg. Unbelievably gutted that I missed this, although there is talks of cycling to Gibraltar lol… … (better make sure I get married for that UK passport err) Not seen an awful lot of them either, I mean Loz lives in Northern land but I’m pretty sure they all pretty much hate the site of their bikes, or did straight after their return anyway.

There has been one interesting thing though… A guy named Dan, who’s a student at Arts University Bournemouth, has set up a page where himself and a few others will be arranging Alley Cat races in and around Bournemouth – set around the last Friday of the month. Wicked idea.

The page is called Velo Sur Mer, which I’m not sure what it means but it sounds cool as fuck.

The inaugural race took place at the end of April, The South Coast Shuffle, and was really good fun. I came off my bike twice, lead the race for like 2ish checkpoints, got lost and ended up 9th with bloody hands! (Actually I think I’ve properly sprained them, they still hurt really bad a month later!!!) Was so good to meet new faces though – just pretty much guys (and girls) who are into cycling really! The next one is this Friday I think? lol. There are some wicked prizes too as they’ve managed to get a few local companies and enthusiasts involved and sponsoring/providing for the items up for grabs. Lets hope I can get my hands on one next time without so much blood.

Other than that really just been out on a few rides with the usual bruh’s. Also met this crazy cool guy Ludvick! He’s cycling to Berlin with 2 others in aid of Coffee Kids as he’s a Barista and all. He’s the tall German looking guy below with the seriously sick tourer! Waaaaay more sensible than we were when planning our little trek. His bike is a Charge Mixer of some sort with internal gearing like those old school Sturmey Archer hubs and I am actually quite jealous of him lol. Managed to bag that as well as most of his touring gear for absolute bargains. My favourite being the spoon fork..

They actually left on Monday (26 May) which I’m gutted about as we were hopefully planning to meet up on the day for a little photoshoot. However I was pretty much hanging out of my arse due to a hectic weekend and rain and other factors pretty much made it impossible to arrange. Wish him and his buddy’s all the best though and hopefully we can cross paths again at some point!

Check out his page for updates!


Here’s to the Pier to Pier relay this friday though! I wont be posting all the pics I take here, however as usual you can find them at the Fiets and Velo Ser Mur Facebook pages, and also my Flickr account!

Fuck more links. I should really update this more often.