Tour De Radskids™ – Interlude

by fietscyclery

Well then.

It’s all gone tits up I’m afraid. For me anyway!

You may have read, if you read this blog Jasmin ;), at the end of The Prelude that my Langster was stolen on 31 March. Obviously this was a massive ballache seeing as I spent my hard earned cash on getting the damn thing ready for the trip and I got to a stage where I was finally really really enjoying riding it.

I wont bother going into the details of how this was taken as most of you speak to me on a semi daily basis and prolly already know. Anyway, my replacement? It was between the Peugeot and the below…

The Pug you already know about, but the Allez.. This was lent to me by Ben Haines. Good friend whom I work with and who does a lot of cycling himself – only recently has he finished a trek to Holland, Amsterdam I think. I’ll try find a link and post it hurrr. Anyway, was a very nice gesture of him so I was set on taking it, as to be honest the Pug rode like pony. No way could I do 70+ miles a day on that thing. The Allez however is next level, level not-quite-rapha-maybe-castelli-clad roadie. Full Shimano Tiagra groupset and its quick, really quick. This and The Langster pretty much share the same frame except for the obvious extra’s such as gearing/brakes/comfort… but I digress.

Besides, I needed to be cool and do a sick skid under the Eifel Tower right? How am I gonna do that on a road bike?

Whilst I was still pondering on that, I made a trip up to London to pick up my visa. Yes, I’m foreign! Turned up at the place where my appointment was (note, not the French consulate but some third party intermediary!) and got told that they would be unable to process my application as my UK Visa and my South African Passport were two separate documents! Basically they could not accept two valid legal documents as this was not included as a single piece, my UK visa being included as its own page on my passport… … …

Couldn’t believe my luck!

That same day I also received a fine of £50 for cycling a Boris Bike on the pavement… Fuck.

It was only on that note that I decided to pull out altogether.

I was pretty gutted to be honest, however my girlfriend reassured me and said that it was probably not meant to be. She’s pretty wise that girl, although she did say things like “what if you die on the trip if you did go”, etc etc. She’s prolly right though. I mean I’m not really superstitious but there must be some underlying reason for everything throwing their toys out the pram like they have.

With this in mind, I’ve decided that as I’ve set up a Just Giving page, it would be quite rude not to do something for the money people have donated/sponsored so far. I will therefore be signing up for the Dorset 100 instead which takes place in June. Not quite 430 miles in French fields however it’ll have to do for now.

As I’m sure you’ve guessed by now, there will not be a Postlude from myself. Instead, head over to my good friend Michael “2 Pints” Davies’ blog for updates and to see how things went.

I apologise for his 5 year old grammar!