Let me tell you a story of my situation. Part 3

by fietscyclery

Where I’m from…

I live in a fairly busy town on the South Coast of England called Bournemouth. It’s actually really nice, bar the inconsistent summer weather but I guess that’s England in general.

Been living here for 8 years now and dont really feel the need to move anywhere else really. Obviously there’s a part of me that, like many other people, would like to move/work in London for a few years. Just to scratch that itch. The cycling scene up there is pretty thriving too so that plays a part in it also.

Cycling down here is pretty decent though. Quite a pretty place with lots of scenic routes like through The New Forest, Purbecks or just along the beach in general.

Its fucking hilly though – I don’t get on too well with hills. And I like to consider myself a fairly strong cyclist. Bournemouth town itself sits in a little dip so you’ll have to climb no matter which direction you head in. It’s all good though, quite nicely lit with lots of cycling lanes though, which makes it fairly cycle friendly. The only worry is the idiots in cars* which can be a bit intimidating, especially if you’re not confident.

Anyway, what I like most about Bournemouth is that it has a bit of everything within like a 10 mile radius. You’ve got all the old people living in Highcliffe/Christchurch, then you get all the alcohol and drug addicts round Boscombe (a supposedly ‘rough’ area), and then Bournemouth Town Centre, where you’ll find lots of students, a good night out and lots and lots of shops. Oh and let’s not forget Chav Central/Poole and the high society of Sandbanks.. HUGE houses in Sandbanks.

*not everyone in cars are idiots, just the ones that dont realise they’re operating a big metal box that could easily kill people…

You find all sorts of cyclists too, and in turn it makes me want to own every single type of bike imaginable. Apart from Hybrids… nobody needs that shit. MTB’s have their place just as you cross the ferry for Studland – you’ll see loads of MTB Junkies (Jake) heading that way along with beach or back towards home with their muddy backsides. For some reason I think they’re immune to mudguards…

Lots of Roadies around Sunday early mornings. You know, the old man types who seem to have more money than sense… Spunking easily in excess of £2000 in Primera on a Cervello that they’ll use twice. I’m only jealous though… They are nice people (like all cyclists are) and they even give you the nod if you’re out on a Sunday morning too. Even to my friend Mikey “2 pints” Davies on his Charge Plug!

Like I say though, its all fun and games down here. I prefer a more trendy look to my cycling, hence fixed gears and vintage steel frames (bar the Langster ofcourse.) Trying to get the scene down here moving a bit more than I think it has. I mean there’s loads of guys riding fixed, however I dont think there’s a dedicated “movement” towards it that keeps it progressing.. If that makes any sense.

If you’re from Bournemouth or down here then feel free to follow what’s happening here or here.

Join the revolution!