So this year is over then, and its been great.

Started this whole Fiets Cyclery project this year, even though the initial idea started back in the summer of 2012.

It’s all been really good though, grew up quite a bit especially after living on my own for the first time since birth. I found it’s only when you are put in a situation like that (living on your own completely independent), that you actually realise how much you take for granted as a kid i.e. bills/washing up/cooking CONSTANTLY. And yet we always thought (and I’m sure some of you still think) that parents nag at you and are just talking old people bullshit.

But anyway, apart from that it’s been really decent. We’ve had the best summer since like 2006 when I first arrived in the UK. and by summer I mean the sun was shining and it was hot for more than a weekend. I’ve met a whole bunch of new friends too and been cycling more than I ever have done. I even got sunburnt on one ride cus I was brave enough to wear a wife beater (read: vest) without any sun protection. Even ventured into London, got drunk and sat a few exams.

All in all though, I hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as I have. Ofcourse, this is life and there have been some tough situations, but I’m not going to mention those because in the grand scheme of things, there’s always going to be someone else out there who is having a worser (is that even a word?) time than you are.

If you took the time to read this, I hope 2014 brings you everything you hope it to. Although dont just hope, go get it. **Prepare for cheesy American type quote** You are the master of your destiny.

I’ve got some plans for this project too but all of that will be revealed in good time. There’s a trip to France which I’m particularly excited about. More on that soon, here are some pictures I took this year for your perusal.


February and new steed

April and legf has a biek

Still April... Things heated up real early

Have we past April yet?

Pre Bournemouth Sevens Breakfast - I didnt last the day.

May // Too much cycling = Trouser Problems. #selfie

July - Did I find a replacement?


Who cycles barefoot?

30 mile Trek to Southampton

Getting lost in fields.

Have you met Le Frog?

The Arrows

Le gf and Le Frog.

Halloween #BAPTMBGC