by fietscyclery


So it’s been quite a while since I’ve written anything, apologies for that. Been quite a busy year actually, cycling, working, studying, boyfriending, socialising… Hard work. But really the main reason for not posting anything is due to having a really important exam recently (I’m training to become a Tax Accountant/Advisor **yawn**) and now thats out the way for another 6 months I can focus on this.. and cycling more.

There has been a few free rides though and bike related actvities, all of them fun. Some drunk, some wet, some in the pitch black averaging 15+mph’s through the forest… scary! I wont bother reporting back on each individual ride but will include pics for your perusal.

It is becoming harder to arrange stuff though now we’re in winter. Especially as everyone works different hours and it gets darker earlier (around 16:30 !!!)


But now that the cold dark weather is here, I think I’ll probably be focussing on winter training. What for, I dont know! But next year a few of us want to be able to do some long rides. Perhaps even London to Brighton.

Aside from riding though, I have a few ideas for the blog. Hopefully they’ll all happen. I’ve been thinking of bike portraits too..

Anyway, if it happens you’ll be the first to know.

Here are some pics! More can be seen on me flickr