Viva La Francais

by fietscyclery

I’ve told you of a two of my interests so far. The third is Cars. I love cars, always have done. If they didnt cost as much to buy, run, maintain, insure, tax etc etc, then I would probaly love them more than I do bikes. I guess I got it from my dad, he was a Ford kinda guy. I’ve not yet made a blog entry on it though, I’m waiting for Le Hurb (my car) to come out of hibernation so I can take proper pictures of him before I do that.

My first ever car was a Peugeot 106 Quiksilver. I loved that thing, but unfortunately it didn’t love me as much. As a result of this love, I’ve always wanted to own a 106 GTI, in Moonstone Blue! For those of you who are wondering why, its the top of the range 106 model and I like cars (have I said that yet?). Now I’ve not told you this yet but I recently (a year or so ago) received 6 points for a driving offence… This meant that my car had to be put into storage and I had to cycle everywhere as a result because I’m young, poor and stupid (or was? lol). That 6 points is probably the reason I’ve started this whole project/venture and also the reason why I’m sat here writing this… Obviously one day I would like to drive again when I’m able to afford it and I will be looking to own that 106 GTI.

How does this post relate to bikes then? Whilst I’m waiting for that time to arrive, I thought I’ll build a bike to match the car. It seemed perfect as Peugeot also manufactured bicycles in a past life – although I’m not sure if they still do?! This brings us to project Kaaaaaaandries’ classy/leisurely Peugeot go getter that is not worth the money.” You can read about the full project by clicking the link as I’m not likely to go into too much detail on this blog.

As mentioned in the thread in that link, it’ll be the perfect match for when I eventually own the car. The bike itself will be for pootling back and forth at a nice pace, especially at weekends when going to the shops or out on a romantic ride with legf. At the moment I do this on the Langster, however the aggressive geometry and lack of bike rack make it not so comfortable, or as uncomfortable as riding can get. I wont go into details of what the parts etc will be used but I will be sure to keep you updated… perhaps when I run out of things to post about :).

To briefly explain the different frames in the pictures though, the greeny/blue one was what I was going to use as the basis of the project. However after being slated for the poor quality steel of the frame and the budget I had in mind, thanks to the friendly gents over at LFGSS, I’ve decided to sell up and find a better replacement in the form of the maroon touring frame shown below.

Wish me luck, this is going to be my second proper build from the ground up and first to grace this page.