“Bike Friends”

by fietscyclery

So earlier this year while I was out taking pictures of my steed, some dude on a skateboard asked; “Is that fixed mate…” I said “Yeah”, and thats how I met my first ever *bike friend. The dude’s name is Justin and he thought the Langster was amazing and made out of carbon fibre… To this day I have not corrected him haha 🙂 (It is awesome, just not made out of crabon fibre)

Some people thought this was weird though, “Why would you speak to a random guy and take his number to meet up for a bike ride?”… Why not? It occurred to me that people are more than happy to meet ‘randommers’ out in town or on holiday and there it seems perfectly acceptable, so why not take a guy’s number who has the same interests as me, and who lives in the same area? I’m not the type to limit myself because it’s not considered normal, and don’t think others should either. I think you could do way more than you realise if you get rid of that worry that everyone else might think you’re weird. Be weird. Fuck em.

More on topic.. I met Justin and went on a very wet initial bike ride through New Milon and Christchurch. We’ve kept in touch though and now go on rides regularly, I’ve even made more bike friends as a result. We’re due to cycle to Southampton from Bournemouth for a day up there soon, keep your eyes peeled as I’ll be taking the camera along.

Anyway, theres only so much you can say about your new bike friends without sounding like we’re all secretly **gay. It’s pretty cool though, and if you read this (hopefully atleast one person is) go out and meet some new people. You never know what might happen, you could meet the love of your life or even expose yourself to opportunities you never thought possible. Justin’s from The Phillipines and I couldnt help but think of the possibility of a bike trek there lol

Here are some snaps I’ve taken so far whilst out with these guys… They’re all pretty cool.


*by bike friend I mean someone who I met randomly by chance, purely from the fact that we both have an avid interest in bikes. I’ve had loads of friends with bikes before but I always met them by either being neighbors, school friends etc.

**Gay Bike Friends are more than welcome to join.