Let me tell you a story of my situation. Part 1.

by fietscyclery

So in my first post I told you about my interests and the main purpose of this blog… Bicycles.

Like most people, I discovered the freedom of bikes while growing up and that feeling comes back every time I get on one. There is literally nothing else I can think of that can give you the same amount of freedom. Yes, cars can take you much further and get you places quicker but in turn they come with their own downfalls i.e. they’re expensive and governed by numerous road laws. A bike will cost you nothing, apart from the initial outlay and extra food/drank consumption.

About a year ago I had an idea to put together bike builds as a business and hopefully this is just one of the first steps to reaching that goal. A quote that I’ve come across and quite like (You can see it [s]stolen[/s] used on Fiet’s Facebook page here) is:

“The bike is a blank canvas upon which riders express an individuality, or a community.”

I love it because bikes are ultimately extensions of ourselves. Just like your wardrobe, you can probably tell alot about a person from the bike they ride. It’s not a bad thing, what I’m trying to say is that you can literally have it the way you want it and hopefully I will get to help people find what is the right bike for them.

Myself, I’m quite partial to a nice vintage fixed gear.


My first build circa 2011... Doh